shopping process

This description applies only to Taiwan (inland) regions

Yoyo shop offers multiple payment and delivery methods

Let everyone easily go shopping and pay for it easily.

payment method payment instructions
Credit card swipe When the selected payment method is credit card (payable once), the checkout page will take you to fill in the relevant information of the credit card. Please fill in your information in detail to facilitate the check of the credit card with the bank. All banks' VISA MASTER JCB credit cards are available
Virtual ATM transfer The system will automatically generate a dedicated virtual account. If you do not transfer the account within three days, your order will be deleted automatically. No additional transfer account will be provided in this store.
Super-commercial payment a. Super-commercial payment (7-11, the whole family)

When the goods are delivered to the designated supermarket, the newsletter will be sent to the goods; after receiving the "goods notification letter" or "newsletter", please pick up the goods at the designated store and inform the store staff of your name. Wrap and pay the amount of the order. If you can't get it, you can ask your family or friends to take it. When the product is delivered to the store, 7 is counted, so please be sure to complete the pickup!

Super business code When the order is established, the system will generate a set of "payment code" information, and then enter the payment code to the major supermarkets. Detailed instructions are as follows.