Brand story

Handmade, true to you

Adhering to the ingenuity of dreams, we set up YOYOSHOP.

He studied art, specializing in jewelry making and engraving, from making silver ornaments to his loved ones, to opening studios, and creating yoyo shops. The founder of Yoyo Shop has never forgotten his heart and insisted on creating every accessory with pure craftsmanship. From design to material selection to production, everything must be done.
Adhere to the ingenuity, treat each jewelry as a gift to your favorite person. From sterling silver rings to cute handmade hair bands, necklaces of various materials, chic earrings, chic hairpins, and small anklets. Each piece has a unique look, and each piece has a different meaning.

Yoyo always uses the creative concept of “Every memorable day to accompany you”, selects high-quality materials, customizes your own exclusive design, leads the custom era of jewelry, witnesses the romance of every moment, you only need to tell the demand, Xiaoyo, yoyo The shop can make your mind become the most beautiful jewelry in the world, let yoyo high-end customization to tell you the love.

Yoyo shop is constantly adding new products to meet the beauty of women. Yoyo shop always insists on customer-oriented, wants customers to think, and produces the most beautiful craft jewelry for customers.

Yoyo shop welcomes you, we will make your mind different with the best design.