Sexy crystal necklace

NT $390 NT $227

Sexy crystal necklace

NT $390 NT $227

October 5
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Number: 19XL013
Material: high quality alloy
Chain: 39.2CM Pendant Length: 8.5CM Extension Chain: 6CM
Theme: Crystal

Sexy crystal necklace
Sexy crystal necklaceSexy crystal necklaceSexy crystal necklaceSexy crystal necklaceSexy crystal necklace


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Very clinging cloth, wearing is also very temperament, do not hesitate to like the baby, so cheap price


Summer is here, the beautiful necklace is bought, haha. This has been watched for a long time and can finally be bought and worn. The price is cheap, but the quality is not bad, the workmanship is very good, wearing really fried chicken looks good!


Very delicate little jewelry, good-looking, good workmanship, very satisfied, will come back next time


I like it very much, the style is very beautiful, I will buy it back and forth later, the rate of return is 100%.

Silver needle characteristics

925 silver has characteristics, which is also convenient for distinguishing silver products. The higher the silver content, the higher the softness and the easier it is. The alloy, electroplating, titanium steel and other materials can not achieve this.

The following is only available for 925 sterling silver.

Note:The ear pins of the ear studs are bent and can be straightened by hand, not as a quality problem.

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