Payment and shipping

[Taiwan area]

  • Delivery method / shipping
7-11 convenience store pick-up payment (free remittance directly to the designated store to pay for pick-up)
FamilyMart convenience store picks up the payment (free remittance directly to the designated store to pay for the goods)
Home delivery / mail to home (YOYOSHOP does not support sending goods to home for payment , and you need to make online payment/swipe/ATM for home delivery/mailing.)
  • Freight calculation
7-11 convenience store pick up (Shipping cost 60$) (full 599 free shipping)
Pick up at the convenience store of the whole family (Shipping cost 60$) (full 599 free shipping)
Home delivery to the government requires online payment (Shipping cost 60$) (full 599 free shipping)
  • shipping time
The delivery date is approximately 5~7 days after the completion of the order, and the arrival date is approximately 8-12 days (except for holidays) to the designated outlet/address.
※Package placed in Chaoshang City, overdue and unintentional
YOYOSHOP will issue a report to the supermarket to block the account, 100% can not meet the above requirements, please make online payment.

【Hong Kong】

SF Express self-collection point (the package will arrive at SF Station and will contact you to the designated address)
By the way, the smart cabinet picks up the pieces without asking for people.
1. Fully self-service simple computer operation, purchase personal items, privacy protection, avoid embarrassment.
2. Most of the convenience smart cabinets provide 24 hour full-day pickup service
3. Support [Octopus] / [O! ePay] / [WeChat support Hong Kong] freight to pay service
4. Free home delivery and additional charges
5. Online shopping is the best place to buy, buy clothes online to buy tides, speed to pick up pieces without difficulty
6. Recipients only need to receive the goods with a one-time password notified by SMS, and the 24 hour-closed TV is safe for the cabinet.