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付款方式 Payment


We accept a number of secure and convenient payment methods:
You can use Visa, MasterCard for our international order. 

運送國家與方式 Overseas Shipping

  YOYOSHOP 目前開放 香港 . 新加坡 . 馬來西亞.
 Delivery countries: Hong Kong,  Singapore, Malaysia.

運費計算與時間 Shipping charge &Delivery Time


以上連結僅供參考,因各運送公司將不定期調整運費之計算方式,故實際將以結帳時所顯示之運費為主, 而各國進口關稅標準不同,若領取包裹時貴國欲收取商品之關稅,需買家自行支付


The costs are calculated based on package weight of the items. Chunghwa Post Air Delivery Express Shipment S.F. Express Delivery Shipment

  *Actual delivery costs are subject to change. 
  *Overseas customer may have to pay taxes for shipping. These are set by the destination country. 

售後服務 Overseas Service

– 因海外地區航空包裹運送費時,跨國退款作業繁複,故無法提供國外會員退換貨服務。 請您選購商品時,務必謹慎確認訂單內容商品,再進行結帳,希請國外會員們見諒。若完成訂單,便表示會員同意本規定。
– 若收到瑕疵/錯誤的商品請聯繫客服進行退款,或補寄的方式進行處理。
– 目前YOYOSHOP支持台灣地區退換貨服務,其它地區暫時不開放退換貨服務。

– Due to time-consuming and complicated return procedure of overseas parcel, we do not provide return service to overseas members. Before making your payment, please make sure that your color and size are accurate when placing an order. We appreciate your understanding. Finishing your order indicates that you agree with our policy.
– If you receive a defective/incorrect product, please contact customer service for a refund or reissue.
YOYOSHOP supports Taiwan’s return service, and other regions do not provide return service.


運費計算與時間 Shipping charge &Delivery Time


The shipping cost is automatically calculated by the system according to the weight of the package. Please refer to the shipping schedule and related prepayments in the table below.


Free shipping on orders over NT$1000

寄送區域 寄送國家 寄達時間 運費 免運
ZONE NATION DAY of DELIVERY Freight free shipping
香港 HONGKONG 6~8 NT$98=HK$25.74 HK$263
新加坡 SINGAPORE 6~10 NT$150=$7.24 $49
馬來西亞 MALAYSIA 6~10 NT$150=RM21.77 RM146

※If overseas members use cash on delivery (COD) cannot guarantee 100% delivery payment, please use online payment